Local Surveys, Assessments, and Evaluations

Data collection, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL), and development research constitute the backbone services of he Local Data collection service line.  As pioneers and veterans of local organizations leading data collection, ILC Africa commandeer local teams to utilize cutting-edge data collection approaches throughout Africa. Our primary goal as data collectors in Africa is to capture quality data from realistic and local settings. This data, largely based on evidence, then translates into rich analysis for decision-making. ILC Africa:

  • Collects both quantitative and qualitative data by upholding high levels of data quality assurance
  • Cleans and analyzes the data collected to produce reports on findings
  • Pursues innovative ways to improve data validity and accuracy throughout the data collection process
  • Collaborates with local and international experts in research, monitoring, evaluation, and learning to elevate contextual understanding data and decisions